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Healthy snacks: naturalness

Modern consumers are increasingly paying attention to the composition of products and prefer natural ingredients. At the same time, most of the snacks on the market, unfortunately, are quite harmful to your health:

– In the production of the most popular snacks (chips, croutons), the frying process is used, which leads to the formation of carcinogens in their composition.

– Among the ingredients of most snacks – palm oil. It contains a lot of saturated fats, which are poorly digested by the human digestive system, being deposited on the walls of blood vessels and forming atherosclerotic deposits and blood clots. In addition, palm oil is a strong carcinogen (can cause cancer). That is why in Ukraine it is planned to limit its use in food production (bill №3871). *

– Most snacks include flavor enhancers (sodium glutamate, etc.). These artificial additives and dyes (like many preservatives) are highly carcinogenic or moderately toxic.

Our SOLENYKY are made ONLY FROM NANURAL INGREDIENTS received from the checked suppliers.

Honest taste

The taste of our SOLENYKS is honest because they do not have and will never have flavor enhancers and artificial ingredients that can cause the “explosion of taste receptors”.

To SOLENYKS WITH CHEESE we add real “SHOSTKA” CHEESE (and not a flavoring composition called “cheese” or “cheese product”), for the taste of SOLENYKS WITH ONIONS we use real dried onions, for SOLENYKS WITH GARLIC – dried garlic, WITH ADJICA – spicy Caucasian herbs and spices. This inviolable rule applies to all of our SOLENYKS.

Our main principle is HEALTHY SNACKS and HONEST INFORMATION on the each package.


Due to the fact that our SOLENYKS are made only from natural ingredients, they can be enjoyed by anyone: adults and children.

After all, SOLENYKY is not only a snack for beer but also a tasty and nutritious snack at school or on the roadtrips.

So – TASTE YOURSELF FOR YOUR HEALTH and don’t forget to share this delicacy with your relatives and friends 😉

Quality packaging

We hesitated for a long time in the choice of packaging material for SOLENYKS and settled on extremely high-quality 4-layer metallized packaging.

Our choice allowed to protect the product from external influences of oxygen, moisture and harmful effects of sunlight (ultraviolet radiation).

Convenient format

When choosing the form of SOLENYKS, we paid special attention to the convenience of consumption. Therefore, they are round and small-size.

This allows you to consume SOLENYKS easily and without additional crumbs on clothes or in the car.

Also, unlike most representatives of the snack market, we do not sprinkle the finished product with spices, we add them directly during the cooking process. This avoids the particles of spices on hands and clothing during consumption.

European roots

Our SOLENYKS came from Hungary – this is a traditional snack for beer (and not just for this) in this country, which is extremely popular in other European countries.

In their homeland they are called “tallérs” – due to the shape similar to the “thaller” coin. “Thaller” or “thaler” (from the German. “Thaler”) – the name of a large silver coin, which was in in financial turnover of many European countries in the XVI-XIX centuries.

Genuine certification

Although, unfortunately, the mandatory certification of food products has been abolished in our country, we have decided to undergo this procedure voluntarily.

Our product is really officially certified in the OS LLC “NVC Kyivstandardmetrologiya”.

Certificate №UA.194.101-18

Original unique recipe

To make our SOLENYKS the most delicious, we took the original recipe of Hungarian chefs and significantly improved it.

We replaced margarine with natural butter and added natural spices, which defined each name of our tastes.

Thus, we were able to expand the range of traditional and offer new kinds of the original SOLENYKS.



The secret of original taste

We have long followed the path of perfecting the original recipe of our SOLENYKS to make them delicious and natural at the same time. So I’m sorry, but we won’t reveal the recipe for their cooking. 😉

We can say, for sure, that they include not only the natural ingredients listed on each package, but also hundreds of hours of inspired search and research, many attempts for the best combination of delicious and harmless, tons of effort to develop the most attractive design to PLEASE YOU!

And most importantly – we have invested in our SOLENYKS a piece of our soul and a great desire to satisfy their taste.

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